Introduction came alive on 25 Dec 2004 and it is one of the well known sites over the internet. AsRedAs is part of a big network with more than 12 websites including SFW and NSFW sites. We serve more than one million unique visitors daily.

AsRedAs has more than 250,000 unique visitors and over 500,000 page loads daily. We have over 100,000 unqiue/day visitors from bookmarks and 20,000 unquie/day from search engines. Our geo traffic stats is 45% US, %10 Germany, 7% Canada. Our traffic quality is more than 3 pageviews on NSFW and 2 pageviews on SFW websites.

You can also check out our plublic stats here.

AsRedAs's google page rank is 5 with alexa rank 2500 at the moment.

Some of our long term Advertisers,,,,,,,, Adult Friends Finder,, AVN and many more.


120x120 = $250/month - 100,000 Unique/day. (700-1500 clicks/day)
Location: The right side bar. (Rotation Banners)

468x60 on the index page = $400/month - 150,000 Unique/day - 300,000 views/day.
468x60 on the Gallery Pages = $400/month - 150,000 Unique/day - 300,000 views/day.
468x60 on the Single Image = $200/month - 150,000 Uniqie/day - 500,000 views/day.
468x60 on all pages = $900/month - over 300,000 Uniqie/day - over 700,000 views/day.
Location: On the top header, right side of the "AS RED AS..." logo.

120x600 on the index page = $600/month - 100,000 Unique/day.

300x250 on the index page is not for sale.

No Hardcore/gross or vagina banners are accepted.


Gallery Plugs = $70/plug sends average 0 clicks *
Video Plugs = $140/plug sends average 0 clicks *

* - Note the average number is live which is just calculated based on the last 30 days average clicks as you are viewing this page.

Bulk Plugs

10 Gallery Plugs or more = $60/plug. (2 Plugs/week)
10 Video Plugs or more = $120/plug. (2 Plugs/week)

No TGP/hardcore or front page plugs are accepted.

Mass Traffic

This is based on $0.007 per unique from minimum of 5,000 up to 100,000 clicks steady traffic everyday - Non Stop! This option is available upon the request and we provide mixed traffic from all our Network via click through banners and sometimes plugs.

Geo Targeted Traffic

This option is also available upon the request, please contact us for more info.


All payments must be completed upfront and we accept epassporte/wire/checks.

Other Options

Advertise via Black Labels OR Buy Blog Traffic

Please Contact us if you are interested or have any other questions.

(Updated Sep, 2008)