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Tight Bridget And Her Pink Toy Tight Bridget And Her Pink Toy Jennifer Aniston Crack in Tight Bikini

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Edawg says at 21 Mar 2008, 6:38 pm (PST):
If she stuck it in her ass, it would still be too big.

Bo Bo says at 25 Mar 2008, 10:06 am (PST):
I really don't think that Bridget is as tight as you say she is. After shoving that huge pink dildo up her cunt, her vagina would be like trying to stick a cock into the grand canyon. I do love a women that has a big pussy. (more to play with and more to fuck) However, i don't like a women that has an excessively large vagina as they are to sloppy inside and that greatly reduces all sensations during intercourse. Bridget should stop playing with such huge dildos otherwise, she will wind up with a severely stretched vagina and ruin her future sexual adventures.

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