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Pug220 says at 2 Apr 2008, 2:46 am (PST):
that'll be my hot 18-yr old little sister when she goes to college next year. she loves gettin naked and she looks great too. she was over at my place watching movies the other night and her big juicy cameltoe creamed all over my couch while i was at work. i asked her why she took her panties off anyway and she said she got hot. i can't say i minded the smell of her ass and pussy though.

Bo Bo says at 25 Apr 2008, 10:03 pm (PST):
Hey, Pug220. Sometimes you just have to go by your senses. If you liked the smell of your Sister's pussy, then you should go for it. Kinda sounds like you like your Sister a lot. Sometimes one's Sister can provide the best piece of pussy one will ever get in a lifetime. Go for it, you could be in for a very pleasent surprise. Let me know what happens.

Pug220 says at 28 Apr 2008, 2:25 am (PST):
i dont want to have sex with my sis. i just think she is hot, and like most hot chicks, the scent of her pussy and anus was arousing. still kind of annoying that she got cum patches on 2 of my couch cushions though lol.

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