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TEACHER MAN says at 28 Sep 2008, 12:01 am (PST):

Bo Bo says at 26 Nov 2008, 12:09 am (PST):
Check the video Under the Desk. I can't believe something like this was posted. This actually happened to me when i was thirteen years old. I didn't do my homework and i failed two tests. The teacher who was probably in her mid thirties kept me after school. It wasn't to make up the homework or retake the failed tests. It turned out that she would give me a passing grade if i worked on her. She put me under her big desk and moved her chair up close. She sat down and spread her legs wide. She wasn't wearing panties under her skirt and i could easily see her pussy. It was big and smelled good. She told me to lick it and if someone came into the room to be quiet. The first time, no one came in and she was able to show me how she wanted it done and she had a couple of orgasms. It turned out that she wanted me there every Monday, Wednsday, and Friday. One time she was nearly ready to cum when the Vice Princible came in. They were talking and he noticed her face was flushed. He asked her if she was getting sick. I nearly laughed but i stayed very quiet. When he left, i finished her off. She thanked me and took me into the coat closet and gave me my first blow job. She was a neat teacher. She never let me fuck her, but she taught me all about oral sex

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