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ana says at 9 Jun 2007, 2:02 am (PST):
biological, pussy and oral ass no, normal flora lactobacillus, pathogenic bacteria

ana says at 9 Jun 2007, 2:05 am (PST):
in yaman womens use speciall type of tree leaves mixed together pv to make the sensations better for the partner

ana says at 9 Jun 2007, 2:11 am (PST):
there women use the beared trimor then a mixture of hot water n sugar n lymon called halawa" sweet" ..could be used till the med age it has good effects on the buttocks legs and labiae...then olders when they already has it can use a laser

ana says at 9 Jun 2007, 2:14 am (PST):
there girls shop in praivate clinics then they till the mother who comes to the tertiarry centre and say i wanna c the consultant,,Cuz!
dear cone i went to a hospital On the Expense Of My Pocket and they told me so n so n so.....dont know what do u think?cone ask whats his name.....medical adm.

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